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SIRIKAYA Massage reviews placed on our website

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 65 reviews
by Michael Blackwell on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Great massage

Have had some sciatic nerve pain in lower back, great massage feeling much better

THE most AMAZING massage ever!

I have had massages at least monthly for the last 15years (I like to prioritise this treat!!) but today, with Kat in Orewa, I can honestly say this was THE BEST massage I've ever had (thank you Kat!) xx


Thank you Kat for the most amazing massage. I have had many many massages and this is right up there as one of the best I have had. Lovely deep pressure and slow gently relaxing strokes. Left feeling like a new person and very relaxed... Thank you,, :)


Thank you Fon for a great thai massage, talented therapist. Really happy with the place and the treatment. Excellent customer service.

by Renee Wells on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage

My husband and I go almost every two weeks to Sirikaya in Orewa and it is wonderful. May, Kat and Zara are all fantastic and we look forward to our regular visits as we feel so good afterwards. We would highly recommend them.

Simply a treat!

This place is authentic. Genuine Thai service and expertise in true tradition. Comfortable and competent. I felt renewed and rejuvenated. Thanks for bringing Orewa this exceptional gift.


This place is so authentic. The atmosphere with its music and the service from these competent Thai ladies is of the highest standard. I love coming here and always feel so much better. You can tell they know what they are doing....worth every dollar...great deals and so much more than you pay for...I absolutely recommend this as exceptional!

Great Massage

I used to regularly see Fon at Whangaparaoa and now I have moved to the shore I have had 2 massages from Nida. The first massage immediately alleviated some IT-Band issues I was suffering from and the second time just for relaxing and de-stress. Now I'm looking for an excuse to see Nida again! Excellent massage.

Amazing massage

Quite happy I discovered Sirikaya Thai massage in Northcote, great value for money. Nok gives the best traditional Thai massage, always leaves me feeling good. She is very professional and polite.Great customer service.

Best Yet?

Another awesome massage from the very talented therapist, O, at Glenfield, maybe the best yet? Thank you O and Sirikaya, for the many wonderful massages. See you next month.

by Liga and Andrew on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Excellent massage

Thank you very much Lily and Kwang for the relaxing time! The massage was very relaxing and thorough, girls worked well on all the sore spots. We definitely will be back, highly recommended!

Very Happy Regular Customers.

My wife and I visit Sirikaya Whangaparoa every week and we always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. We have had all kinds of great massages thai, oil, reflexology from all of the fantastic staff. Fon, Kam and One. We highly recommend the lovely staff of Sirikaya to help with all your aches and pains and to relax after a hard stressful week. Keep up the good work guys and big thanks, from Trevor.

Thai Medical Massage

I play a lot of sport and have what appeared to be a knee injury. After seeing a physio I have endured many painful sessions where the physiotherapist has worked on my IT-Band, along with home exercises using a foam roller. Anyone reading this who has IT-Band problems will know how much this type of therapy hurts. None of this has made any difference whatsoever and it has been suggested I go for an MRI to look for other damage. Before doing this I thought I would ask the therapists at Sirikaya what they thought.

Well I am amazed. I had a 1 hour medical massage session where the therapist worked solely on the leg with the painful knee. I cannot say I enjoyed it, because it was fairly painful at times. The therapist worked on every single muscle from the top of my leg through to my foot. She used many massage techniques and stretches (I did not know my leg could get into those positions) and by the end of it there was no pain in my knee when I walked, and hardly any when I knelt (I could not kneel at all without a searing pain in my knee). I was advised that I may need another session and then the problem should be completely gone.

Sorry for the long review but I wanted to give these girls the credit they deserve. They have achieved more in one session than my physio achieved in 8, and I have avoided the need for a MRI. Maybe the ancient ways are the best?

by Neha Smith on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage

I had severe neck and back pain since a long time but as I started getting my massage done here now I can feel that it's all going away, gradually. I feel revived and extremely relaxed after the massage today. I would also like to admit that May makes me feel so comfortable and very much home during the massage therapy. I like her professional approach and she is very gentle and kind to look after me while I am here. I would like this relationship in between clientele and masseuse to go on forever. Thank you.

by Michelle on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Happy Customer

Sirikaya offers superb customer service! Excellent massage and friendly staff. Will definitely be back for more.


I like May she's very good excellent massage

by Sanjana Samy on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage

It was nice and relaxing. Very hospitality. Had a wonderful time. May is just amazing.

by Barbara Copyn on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Wonderful, brlliant will come again

Felt stiff before hand but now feel relaxed. Felt fantastic will come again. Perfect

Lovely massage

Very pleasant and relaxing. Very professional service.
Thank you very much May.

by Neville on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Fantastic service

I have been going to see Nok for about 3 months to help in the control of cronic back and neck pain.A regularThai massage from Nok is a great help in relieving the pain and helping me to maintain fitness by maintaining my flexibility.
She is also very polite and very concerned that I get the most from the experience.A big up to Sirikaya and Nok.

by Minsun Jang on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage

I felt so good after the oil massage and the thai massage last week. aches on my shoulders are now gone and I really recommend trying this! Really enjoyed May doing the massage and she is really good. Nice service!!

Traditional Thai massage

I had a fantastic traditional Thai massage from Nok yesterday. It was quite the work -out but amazing. A very different experience. I will return and would recommend!

by Shaun Gear on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Relaxed and Awesome

Was relaxing and really good. Enjoyed May she was very professional and asked questions at the start to identify my sore spots.


My name is Fiona. I have been visiting Sirikaya Massage for the last few years and have enjoyed massages from a number of the girls. They are all very professional and the massages are fabulous. Mostly I have the oil massage but have also enjoyed the Traditional Thai massage.

by Claudia on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Deep tissue massage

I am Claudia. After half an hour deep tissue massage for my neck and shoulders I can say I feel more relaxed in general. I can turn my neck better. I am happy after my massage.
Thank you May!

Amazing Massage

I have been going to Sirikaya for a number of years for the mostly relaxing oil massage or a therapeutic Thai massage, Ta is fantastic at both these and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

by Reuben Morriosn on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
highly recommend!

Fantastic traditional thai massage,I have tried both the oil and (more stretching) Thai massage,both excellent and great value
relaxing rooms and wonderful massage! I have been 3 times and look forward to more

by Paul Smith on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage

Found massage very good for my circulation etc. Had major surgery last year and advised the masseur and May was very good at attending to and also taking care of the wound on my abdomen. Would highly recommend her in her professional and experienced manor.


My partner and I visit sirikaya at least once a week because we go to the gym very often. I could not recommend a place enough, the staff are always happy and friendly and are all amazing at massaging, I see Ta on a regular basis because I don't have to tell her what area of my body needs attention because she is so skilled at her job, both me and my partner have had huge benefits from thai massages, these ladies have helped us both recover from being tight and over worked. The best $65 dollars you will ever spend, you won't regret it!!


I went to Sirikaya today for the first time after hearing rave reviews from friends. I had the most wonderful massage from Nok. I will be going back!

Frozen shoulder

My wife and I have been visiting Sirikaya close on two years now and have always had excellent massages from all the very well qualified and friendly staff at Sirikaya. A few months ago I presented with a very painfull frozen shoulder condition. Ta was absolutely great in her knowledge, skill and patience in assisting me to regain full use of my arm again. She is currently assisting me with an ongoing neck problem and providing a lot of pain relief in this area. Ta is a great person to see not only for a fantastic relaxing massage but also muscle injuries and problems. Highly recommended!

by Alan Smith on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage

Always a hi light. Thank you Fon for your expertise and gentleness.

Very Beneficial

I am regular visitor. Ta provides an excellent massage which has helped my muscular problems no end. I have no hesitation in recommending Sirikaya where all the staff are experienced and provide the best massage I have experienced.

Fantastic every time

I have had a number of massages here and they are amazing every time. Best value for money massage without a doubt.

Nice and relaxing

I have had a lot of Thai massages and these massages are up there. I would recommend the Whangaparaoa shop.

Clean and very relaxing.

Thanks Ta,
Had an annoying back pain last week. Thanks ta for such a great Thai massage. feel so good afterwards.

Highly recommend

by JoAnne Sutton on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Fantastic Massage

Thank you so much for an amazing massage at the end of a stressful week. It was exactly what I needed.

Another great massage

Thanks Fon for such a great massage. I love having a combination of Thai and oil massage. Works out all the aches and then the oils are so relaxing. Already looking forward to the next one!

by Sarah Champion on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Fon - Whangaparaoa Branch is amazing!

I have had about 5 massages now with Fon and she is definately the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She makes you feel amazing and has very talented hands. I have a combination of 1/2 thai and 1/2 oil massage for one hour and its awesome. I would definately recommend going to see Fon. I hope the shop gets busier because they deserve to be busy providing amazing service and massage experiences - Sarah Champion

Where Massage therapist comes for massage!

I am a busy massage therapist, its been so hard to find good massages until Srikaya came along. The team all know the art and the importance customer service. They are all educated in the old tradition of Thai massage. This is the place to go for you ultimate pampering from the first meeting till you leave feeling in heaven………...

Just what I needed!

Kwang is an excellent therapist. Her strokes were solid, long and firm, and she knew which points on my body needed extra attention. I was very impressed by how wise and experienced her hands were, considering how young she is. Already booked my next session :)


What a great experience my wife and I can go to a place that is very clean ,nice people,and enjoy a really great body massage,the staff are really well experienced,we feel very relaxed after the massage,well done Maew and the team.

by CarolAnn Bradford on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage

Just had my first full body oil massage and, believe me, I'll be back soon! It was firm but SO relaxing.

Relaxing massage

Had a fantastic and relaxing Lomi Lomi massage at Whangaparaoa. It was so good I almost fell asleep!


Loved every minute- booked in for one massage,loved it so much booked in for another a couple of days latter. Such a treat - felt like I was on holiday - like I had stepped into another world!

Massage at Whangaparaoa

I really enjoyed my massage with Fon this morning. A combination of Thai and oils massage to work out the aches and pains and for relaxation. Booked for an hour but very generously gave me an extra 15min. The hardest part is having to leave!

by Tara Catt on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
my new addiction

I am so happy Sirikaya Massage has arrived in Whangaparaoa. I highly recommend the early bird special. Lovely people and a beautiful cuppa. Great value :)

by Aletta Schoeman on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Sirikaya Full Body Oil Massage

Thanks Ta, i really enjoyed your great technique and fresh spirit. Will definitely be back for more. xx


Yep, I went for a 1 hour massage, ended up staying for 3 hours as I was in heaven. Felt amazing afterward. I recommend.


Perfect 10 out of 10

Have tried both the Traditional Thai for working out the aches 'n pains and the Oil which is very relaxing. Always friendly and you feel so good after wards.

Highly Recommended

by Junal Odyan on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage

My husband and I have been going here for more than a year now..ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC..LLOVE THE SERVICE ,massage and the hour spent with Ta...she is aAMAZING!!

First Class.

I am a regular early bird. The massage is first class and I always leave very relaxed and ready to face the day. Staff are attentive and focus on the areas requiring attention. Certainly recommended.

by Vera Bel on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Huge relief

I was recommended by a friend to go to SIRIKAYA for a massage to deal with my osteoarthritis. I can say there is a very professional level of care. The girls are constantly developing better treatment methods.They take the time to ask if you have any areas you would like them to work on. They are very focused and attentive and have intuitive sense on target varying the pressure from quite strong to minimal stimulation.
I am very happy with the outcome. I felt that my aches and pains reduced and the joints mobility and flexibility increased. Thank you for taking care of my needs.
I would highly recommend a one hour massage from SIRIKAYA to your weekly life.

by +Bernie on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage

Always welcomed with a cup of tea and a smile, try the early bird speacial, a great way to start the day i've been comming for a year now and i keep comming back for their great massages. Highly recommended.


I grab the early-bird special 'Thai Massage' weekly with Jenny! Love my hour of relaxation and pampering. Jenny is fab, graceful and professional. Warm and calming atmosphere. Such a treat! :)

Excellent !

I have been going regularly for nearly a year now & definitely my muscles are more relaxed. Ta is amazing & I enjoy relaxing in the warm room with the thai music & having her strong hands work on my body . I enjoy the cuppas too & will continue to spoil myself.

Excellent traditional thai massage!

What a wonderful find! Had a 30min-back and shoulder massage that felt like a glorious hour! Had an annoying upper back pain that refused to go away all week and Ta, a warm and experienced masseuse, made it all go away. Loved the authentic thai music and the relaxing and warm room...which is very important to me in winter. The massage quality definitely exceeds the price paid. Will definitely be back.

Outstanding Massage

Outstanding massage from Ta, she is a gem and a rare find. I have been to many places over the years and finally found Sirikaya which has been really amazing for my aching back and body.

Fantastic Massage Every Time!

I have been going to Sirikaya Massage for more than one year and I look forward to it every time.

I really like the traditional Thai massage as other reviewers have said. Also the relaxing Oil Massage is excellent. I always feel fantastic when I leave and can vouch that the staff really know how to get rid of headaches.

Excellent massage

An excellent Thai Massage place to experience.
Good service and polite staff. The well trained staff will listen to the customer's problem so as to concentrate on the tired part of the body. Well worth the money spent to recharge the body.

Excellent Thai Massage Therapists

I try to visit Sirikaya every week for Thai massage. They are really special, treating you with traditional Thai courtesy. The inside of the shop transports you to Thailand and the staff are the most welcoming I have come across. I highly recommend all of the staff for their massage skills. I agree with some of the other reviewers, Sirikaya is one of the best traditional Thai massage clinics in Auckland. They are doing a great job.

Quality Thai Massage Therapy

You are always made welcome at SIRIKYA Thai Massage.

Delightful therapists greet you with a smile and a glass of water or cup of herbal green tea is offered on arrival.

Soft music encompasses the charm of authentic Thai décor that makes you feel as if you are truly in Thailand. Rooms are fresh, clean and fidy.

Professional therapists are very attentive and ensure that you are well looked after during your visit. Applied pressure is to your choice of soft, medium or strong.

A completely unhurried massage ensures you are well looked after and I find a 90 minute session to be the most beneficial.

The hard working SIRIKAYA therapists are always professionally presented, friendly and well mannered. I usually see “Ta” during my visits and the massages have been consistently of a high standard.

I always feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated following the massage and have enjoyed both traditional Thai massage and the more soothing oil massage during my visits.

SIRIKAYA Thai Massage is undoubtedly one of the best massage centres in Auckland and offers a truly genuine and authentic experience not to be missed.

Quality massage therapy at an affordable price.

Best Thai Massage in NZ

I have had many Thai massages over the years, here and in Thailand, so I can compare and based on that, this place could well be the best Thai massage clinic in New Zealand. Today a girl called "Ta" helped me in an excellent manner, but I know her colleagues are very good as well. Top marks and $65/hour matches the quality of their service.

by medical doctor on SIRIKAYA Thai Massage
Doctors Views

Warm, relaxing premises, friendly caring staff who know what they are doing. Highly recommend. Greatly helped issues with my back and neck. Ying has expert knowledge and lots experience to sort out deep tissue problems. She has a caring unrushed approach and took extra time which I appreciated. The best of the caring, friendly and hard working ethic of the Thai people really shows through at Sirikaya.

Excellent Massage

A real great massage experience. Lovely people, very knowledgeable, immaculate presentation, quality products and very clean. Would highly recommend


SIRIKAYA Massage reviews from external websites


Took my boyfriend’s mum here for mother’s day and we both had a wondering and relaxing time. I’ve spent a few holidays in Thailand and this place and the staff a very authentic, warm, and inviting. Certainly the decor is not 5-star but you quickly forget that as the therapists welcome you cheerfully and massage away all your worries and tense muscles :-) We totally want to make this a monthly trip! (link to original review)


Went here with two of my friends and we thoroughly enjoyed our massage!! It was quite cheap so I really didn’t expect much when we went but wow! the massage was amazing! It was very relaxing! I felt like I had all my stress taken away from me and my body was so soft and smooth after!

My friend lived in thailand for a few years and she said it was a legit Thai place.

the staff were friendly and polite too so it made the experience great as well!

Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone! (link to original review)


I had really intense back pains from carrying my infant around before he started crawling, and my friend recommend I try out her massage therapist- located just down the road from home.Booked in the morning for a 11am session which would last 45 minutes and cost around 40 dollars. The style of massage was traditional Thai, and had its main focus on relieving stress in the muscles.My Thai massage therapist was a tiny lady but boy did she posses a strong hand or two. Her technique started off at my lower back and spine and worked its way up my neck- really relieved every ounce of pressure I had when I walked in, and after 30 minutes I could feel my muscles all relax and soften. Unbelievable, if you are one of those people who can relax with strong pressure massage, then this is a fantastic option.The whole time, they play meditation music whilst you lie and relax, and after you even get a few cups of delicious jasmine tea.I really would like to return again and see what the full body massage is like, I’m sure I would fall asleep for it.  (link to original review)


It’s hard to beat a nice, firm, relaxing massage. Perhaps the only thing that beats a quality massage is a cheap quality massage.

I recently tried Srikaya Thai massage for the first time and got their Earlybird special, $45 for a full body massage before 10am, as opposed to $65 at other times of the day. I’m not sure why this one hour time slot is so reasonable, but I was happy to take them up on the offer.

The place itself is pretty simple but it’s decked out in some traditional Thai looking decor and the rooms though basic are comfortable. The Thai massage they give is a nice mixture of firm/therapeutic and relaxation-style. (link to original review)

Pleasantly Surprised!:) 5/5

I’ve been looking to go for a full body massage for a while and decided to give this place a go. Ying- the lovely therapist is absolutely amazing at what she does, I’ve really enjoyed the massage and felt really relaxed and refreshed. Absolutely wonderful- 5 out of 5!!:-)) ps- and it’s in the Northcote – what a bonus! (link to original review)
Great experience    5/5

This was just a great massage. The therapist was very attentive. She asked how I prefer my massage (hard, medium or soft) and made me feel very relaxed.  A very enjoyable hour and great value. Will be going back. (link to original review)

Good massage   4.5/5
The prices here are quite high. but the massage i received here was amazing i wish i could go for a longer massage next time it was such a good massage did not want them to stop. i almost fell asleep i was that relaxed :-)  (link to original review)

29th March 2012   5/5
This was one of the best massages I have ever received. The place is small but it is clean and bright. The therapists were very friendly and keen to find out my preferences. Overall I had a great experience and it was very good value for money. (link to original review)

7th April 2012   5/5
Lovely people, nice premises and a great massage. Too good to describe and better than other places I have been to in Auckland. The therapists are really friendly. (link to original review)

I had the most fantastic massage ever at Sirikaya.    5/5
I had the best massage ever at Sirikaya. The therapists were young, beautiful and extremely friendly. The massage room is bright and inviting with a wonderful aroma. It is immaculately clean and fresh. The attention I received could not have been better, and it felt genuine attention not false like some other salons i’v been to. I was asked if I wanted a hard, medium or soft massage, I chose  the medium and when I left after an hour I felt rejuvenated and like a new man. I felt as if I was walking on air. I would highly recommend Sirikaya Thai Massage.  (link to original review)

SIRIKAYA Massage – Living Social Reviews

We recently ran a campaign with Living Social. The following are reviews we have received so far from that promotion.

Comments Rating Date
lovely people thumbs up 7/10/12
Absolutely fabulous massage. Very professional , clean, and have already booked a second massage. thumbs up 1/10/12
Professional but friendly staff. Ecxellent massage with many different types available. Have bought another session after a having so much relief from back pain. thumbs up 1/10/12
Staff were very courteous. Cup of tea on arrival and pre-departure pllus a little Thai wrist Traditional Thai massage was great. I’ve booked for the future. Thankis – Moana Herewini thumbs up 28/09/12
The service was very friendly and welcoming and professional.  Would definitely recommend! thumbs up 25/09/12
It was a really good massage! thumbs up 25/09/12
Excellent massage, good service, have made another appointment! thumbs up 20/09/12
very nice environment and professional massage work. thumbs up 18/09/12
most fantastic massage experience….I have booked my next session….Kwang (the massage therapist) was great….lokking forward to next time. Thank you Kwang, from Lilliana thumbs up 18/09/12
they were lovely
made me very welcome with cup of herbal tea.
thumbs up 14/09/12
Already re-booked thumbs up 10/09/12
Excellent thumbs up 6/09/12
Fantastic experience and wonderfully friendly and skilled staff! I will return. thumbs up 25/08/12
The staff were lovely and it was very relaxing:-) thumbs up 22/08/12
Friendly staff thumbs up 21/08/12
It was a good experience and the staff are super lovely.They place is a bit dingy and dark but they are moving to new premises. thumbs up 19/08/12
Very generous with the lengh of session.  I have rebooked another massage with this company thumbs up 12/08/12
Excellent and very caring, they do their best thumbs up 12/08/12
It was a very professional service and a warm environment. Great involvement from the therapist with questions and feeback.  I will definately go back (and I am a massage therapist myself). thumbs up 10/08/12
Best Thai Massage on the North Shore thumbs up 9/08/12
They are really good! Friendly and good massage. I am returning soon. thumbs up 4/08/12
Have booked again fantastic thanks thumbs up 3/08/12
Great massage. very good value. thumbs up 2/08/12
Best massage I have ever had and I will be back! thumbs up 30/07/12
The place is little, nice ladies.  My partner and i enjoyed our massage and will be visiting again next month. thumbs up 29/07/12
I found the staff very friendly and the service wonderful. I would recommend this to everyone. Awesome. thumbs up 29/07/12
Really great value – Have already re-booked for another session :-) thumbs up 28/07/12
It was awesome, i even tipped the girl she was so good thumbs up 26/07/12
Far the best atmosphere.
Quiet music, green tea, great massage, very friendly staff.
Be back for sure.
thumbs up 25/07/12
Great value. wonderful thumbs up 23/07/12
pressure applied not sufficient to be any great benefit
Prior to starting she asked 4 soft med or hard- i requested the latter but still felt short – otherwise a pleasant time
thumbs down 22/07/12
IT WAS AWESOME!!  THANK YOU. thumbs up 21/07/12
Love it! The best massage I had since I arrive in NZ.  Will come back for more…Cheers! thumbs up 21/07/12
Beautiful professional atmosphere and fantastic massage.lovely ladies thumbs up 20/07/12
great session thanks it was awesome thumbs up 20/07/12
Was very good thumbs up 19/07/12
My massage this morning was absolutely FABULOUS! I’ve even rebooked for next week! I’ve had a few massages in my time – but these people are awesome. Totally recommend them – it was divine. thumbs up 19/07/12
lovely massage..thankyou xx thumbs up 17/07/12