Thai Medical Massage

If you have a specific injury or a long term, painful condition, please ask to be booked with our medical massage therapist. For just a few more dollars, you’ll be given a massage that intensively treats the troubled area, and provides relief and results.

Our Thai Medical Massage may assist you if you are experiencing muscle problems, sport and work injuries, and general aches and pains in your body. This form of massage is particularly effective with back pain, joint pain, neck & shoulder tension, muscle stiffness and tiredness in your arms and legs.

It’s important you discuss the specifics of your needs with us before coming in. PLease email us (link) with information about your condition. Our Thai therapists are skilled at medical massage, but not so much with the spoken word! We’ll ensure your needs are thoroughly explained and translated by our fluent administrator

It is then likely that the treatment you receive will concentrate on particular areas of your body in order to relieve the problem causing you trouble. The therapist may also recommend home exercises and, if required, further treatment sessions.

Medical Massage is only delivered by our appropriately qualified and experienced therapists. Bookings for this type of massage are essential.

60/90 minutes — $90/$135